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Megan {Boudoir} Saskatoon Boudoir Photographer

The elephants say ‘Hi!’ {Travel} Thailand

Last December, I had the most amazing opportunity to go to Thailand and volunteer with elephants. I don’t know why but I have always loved elephants. That love grew deeper after I read a book called ‘Elephants on Edge’ which was heartbreaking but what also inspired me to book a trip to Thailand. I can tell you, elephants are such sweet and gentle creatures. They don’t do much other than sway, walk slowly and stare at you with there big beautiful curious eyes but you know that there is something special about them just by being there.

I spent my days, waking up to the sound of gibbons and gathering in a room full of other volunteers at 6:30am. We started our day off by collecting food for the elephants we were assigned to, walking to their enclosures and making them banana balls. We did a lot of cleaning of their enclosures. Yup, cleaning up elephant poop. It wasn’t at all bad because you got to walk around their enclosure, hide food for them, clean it up so that they can be happy for the rest of the day. We cut up a lot of fruit that we fed to them during shower time and when they needed to go for walks. The work and the hours were nothing to the fact that I got to see and be around elephants every day for 3 weeks. It was heartbreaking to leave them as I knew I’d never get to enjoy them how I did at the centre but happy that I made the decision to go to Thailand for them.

If you are going to Thailand, near Hau Hin or Cha Am you can spend a day with the elephants at Wildlife friend of Thailand. If you are going to Asia and want to be aware of how you can enjoy elephants and other animals humanely educate yourself on how animals are brought into the tourism industry. For elephants, there is a method called ‘Pajaan’.


Let’s start a conversation – #celebrateyourlookyxe {Saskatoon Boudoir Photographer}

Let’s start a conversation that will inspire each other and other women to celebrate their look. A lot of Lush Studios’ clients are women between 25-45 years old. Our clients are women who just got engaged, who just got married and want images before they start having kids, women who have had kids and lost all their baby weight, women who have lots 20-100lbs and women who just want to celebrate their look and have images to remind themselves of who they once were at a certain moment in time.

Being a woman, we all feel the pressure to look a certain way and we all have an opinion of how this effects us, our friends, daughters, mothers, sisters and society. So, let’s start a conversation about how we are going to handle these pressures, these images we see of a certain body type and let’s celebrate our own beauty.

Ashley is a beautiful person I have had the pleasure of photographing throughout the past couple of months. She has a lovely heart, she’s bubbly, she’s kind, she has a style that is her own and she’s simply so beautiful. When Ashley messaged me a couple months after her first boudoir session with me to book another one, I was so excited to photograph her look again. After editing her images from our last session, it dawned on me that Ashley is a woman who loves celebrating her own unique look! Not just with boudoir images but with her style, her clothes, her hair, her activities, her attitude and her friends. I found that so inspiring that I wanted her share her thoughts and opinions about her self image and societal pressures of what women “need” to look like.



hair stylist: Erika Tucker from ReVamp Salon
make-up artist: Jennilee of Vamp Make-up
lingerie designer: Chelsey Gruza

How do you feel about your look and style?
I have a classic look and style with my own twist.  Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Onasis and Bettie Page are my style icons.  I love their looks but add my own style to make the look a bit more edgy.

What do you like about yourself? 
I think I have a great personality and sense of humor, I love to make people laugh.  What I like about myself is my hair, smile and that I have two different colored eyes. I think that makes me unique.

What do you not like about yourself and what do you do to deal with the things you don’t like about yourself?
I wish I was slimmer, but I am healthy and super fit.  I will always have a muscular curvy build and I have accepted that.  I do a lot of yoga, swimming, biking, running to feel good about the things I can’t change, haha!

What do you do to not let the pressures of society affect your self esteem?
I am comfortable with who I am and I like the person I have become over the years.  I don’t feel I need to adapt myself to fit society’s idea of who or where I should be in my life at this particular point.  I have always been a free bird and follow the beat of my own drum.

What is something you wish more women would do to accept themselves? 
I wish more women would see how beautiful they actually are, on the inside and outside, and that beauty is all shapes and sizes.  Personality, attitude and intelligence last a lot longer than external beauty.

Was there a time you felt really bad about yourself and what kind of steps did you take to feel better about yourself?
Yes there was.  I was in a very volatile relationship and didn’t know how to safely get out.  I sold all of my stuff and moved to Switzerland.  I spent a year focusing on myself, learning to love myself again, and rediscovery myself.  I no longer had to hide who I was because of someone else’s insecurities.  That year away saved my life.

Any advice for women struggling with their self esteem?
That’s a tough one.  Confidence and strength are two very attractive traits.  I think it’s really important to be able to love and accept yourself before you can love someone else.  And to just not be afraid to be yourself.


Use the #celebrateyourlookyxe to share what your thoughts and opinions are and what you like about yourself. Nominate a friend to do the same. Follow @lushstudiosyxe on Instagram to join the conversation.

I’m going to Thailand to be with the elephants for a while – see you in 2015!

2014 was a fantastic year for Lush Studios. I met a lot of inspiring and beautiful women that I was honoured to photograph and take them on this journey of expressing their unique beauty. I was ecstatic to grow our wedding photography business with Mark Tiu Photography. Lush Studios went from having boudoir marathons (multiple clients in a day) to scheduling longer and more personalized boudoir sessions (one client a day). Which led to wonderful collaborations with clients and stunning images. I turned 24, got another tattoo, met new friends, grew stronger relationships with old friends and planned a trip to Thailand. Yes, Thailand! On November 28th, I am going to go volunteer at a sanctuary that helps abused and rescued elephants that have been used for tourism in Thailand. I am excited for my solo adventure but with preparation towards my trip I had to speed up my 2014 clients and start the 2015 planning early. All must remain a secret until the right time to share but I wanted to update everyone where I will be for the next month and that in 2015 Lush Studios is going to be growing. Until then, here are some of my favourite images from this year. Thank you to everyone who booked with Lush Studios this year, I look forward to photographing most of you again in 2015! I would also like to thank Jennilee from Vamp Make-up, Erika Tucker from Salon Twist, Chelsey Gruza Saskatoon Stylist, Jaime from R3 Salon, Kelsey Libke from Kelsey Rae Make-Up Artistry, Mark Tiu from Mark Tiu Photography, Jillian from Primp Lash Lounge and Michelle from Change Lingerie. You all have been a great support for myself and my business.

Always, Diane

Although I will be away until January, you can still send me e-mails if you are inquiring about boudoir, lifestyle or weddings. Lush Studios has limited availability for boudoir in February if you are wanting your images before Valentine’s Day. We are booking into April if you do not need your images before Valentine’s Day. Please e-mail to inquire about boudoir and lifestyle sessions. If you are wondering about meet with Mark and I for a wedding consultation please e-mail Mark at

Carleigh & Toby {Lifestyle} Saskatoon Photographer

Lisa {Lush Boudoir} Saskatoon Boudoir Photographer

Lisa’s testimonial:

” I had initially chose Lush Studios for my boudoir session because Diane’s website said she loved pink, flowers and pumpkin spice lattes, which are three of my favourite things. At first it was just a funny conincidence, but now that I have my photos I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Everything was perfect from booking the date, to the day Diane handed me the photos. I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer. She kept everything easy and professional while still relating to me on a personal level. She answered all of my questions, even though some of them were silly. The overall talent of this photographer blows my mind. My pictures turned out amazing. The hair & make-up artists also did a fabulous job, I’ve never felt so pretty. It goes without saying that I will be booking all of my future photography needs with Diane, and recommending all her to all my friends.”

Hair: Erika at Salon Twist
Make-up: Kelsey of Kelsey Rae Make-Up Artistry


Amber {Lush Boudoir} Saskatoon Boudoir Photographer

Jennilee {Lush Studios} Saskatoon Photographer

Hiroya & Kayla {Weddings} Saskatoon Wedding Photographers

Ashley {Lush Boudoir} Saskatoon Boudoir Photographer