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About Diane

Lush Studios mainly focuses on boudoir and glamour photography but I also photograph newborns, engagements, weddings and lifestyle sessions.

On a daily basis, I feel blessed to be able to meet such strong and beautiful women. It is truly inspiring to be able to provide a service that can show women how gorgeous they are no matter their size or age. Lush Studios has a panel of professionals there to make you feel and look your best! Professional hair & make-up artists, a professional stylist and me, your professional boudoir photographer who will coach you 100% during your session. Lush Studios is not just about the photos it's about the experience.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw
A little about me, I am your typical girly girl. I have cats, a room that is more pink than anything, and dresses upon dresses. I enjoy being outside, reading and writing. I love pumpkin spice lattes, flowers, feathers and floral print dresses. I grew up recognizing that there is a certain beauty that every women posesses. It is hidden in some but it tends to shines through anyways. I've always been an advocator for women to accept themselves as elegant and beautiful human beings & I really strive to portray that through my business.

“I’m going to make everything around me beautiful- that will be my life” – Elsie de Wolfe.

Kerry {LushBoudoir} Saskatoon Boudoir Photography

Kelsey {Lush Boudoir} Saskatoon Boudoir Photographer

Lush Studios this spring was blessed with many beautiful bridal boudoir clients. Kelsey is one of them. A good friend and make-up artist for Lush Studios I felt quite privilege to photograph this beauty. Super cute and a bombshell at the same time, Kelsey came to her session with creative bridal boudoir ideas. Enjoy


Make-up: Jennilee Cardinal-Schultz of Vamp Make-up
Hair Stylist: Sara White at Alchemy Salon

Change Lingerie & Lush Studios Spring/Summer Promo Featured in Flow Magazine {LushBoudoir} Saskatoon Boudoir Photographer

I have been told by numerous friends from around the world and even local friends here in Saskatoon, that Saskatoon is home to such gorgeous women. I couldn’t agree more and luckily for me I get to photograph them. I am also lucky because I work with talented business women in Saskatoon who also believe in enhancing and helping Saskatoon women feel and look beautiful. My good friend and make-up artist Jennilee Cardinal-Schultz owner of Vamp Make-up, also writes for Flow Magazine, a magazine about all the wonderful and exciting events and organizations happening in Saskatoon. When she approached me to work on a boudoir and lingerie article together I was extactic. Change Lingerie, another company that Lush Studios promotes and are good friends with was part of this collective article. Below are the brave beautiful women we found for this article wearing Change Lingerie’s new styles for spring/summer. Below is the link to the article if you wish to read about our project together.

Hair: Erika Tucker from Salon Twist
Make-up: Jennilee Cardinal-Schults of Vamp Make-Up
Lingerie: Change Lingerie in Lawson Heights Mall
Article: Flow Magaizne
Models: Kim Harris, Gemma Oag and Siera Bearchell

Jillian {LushBoudoir} Saskatoon Boudoir Photographer

When you book a boudoir session with Lush Studios you will receive a discount towards eyelash extensions with Jillian, the owner of Primp Lash Lounge. Jillian wanted to embody the Gatsby Theme for her boudoir session. Her outifts, hair & make-up transform this already classic beauty into a Gatsby beauty! Jillian and I met early this year and having met her and being able to photograph her I can say she is as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside.

Make-Up Arist: Jennilee Cardinal-Schutlz of Vamp Make-up
Hair: Erika Tucker at Salon Twist
Stylist: Chelsey Gruza



April {LushBoudoir} Saskatoon Boudoir Photographer


Roxy {Lush Boudoir} Saskatoon Boudoir Photographer

Jodie {Lush Boudoir} Saskatoon Boudoir Photographer

Jodie was a very sweet and kind client. What I enjoyed most about our session together is that Jodie was up for any pose I put her in and at the same time owned the poses! She brought some shots she wanted and  different props and outfits that made the boudoir session really fun and interesting! Jaimie Sawyer of R3 Salon make Jodie’s hair very volumes which works out so well for boudoir photographs. Jennilee of Vamp Make-Up applied the make-up application. I’ve worked with Vamp Make-up for two years and I love Jennilee’s choice of lip colour and how she makes the clients look phenomenal. 2014 has already been a blast thanks to lovely clients like Jodie. Thank you!


For more information on boudoir sessions e-mail Diane at

Ginnette {Lush Glamour} Saskatoon Glamour Photographer

First meeting Ginnette, I knew she’d be a lot of fun to photograph. From her warm and comforting smile to her gigly and contagious laugh. Chelsey and I had a blast working with her and it was a great session to end the day with. I would say Ginnette rocked her glamour session wouldn’t you?


Make-up: Jennilee of Vamp Make-up
Hair: The Lemon Tree Studio
Stylist: Chelsey Gruza

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Arisha {Lush Boudoir} Saskatoon Boudoir Photographer

The Great Gatsby Marathon came and went, we got to meet some beautiful women and lucky enough got to take their photo! Clients got ready at Chop Chop Salon where Amanda Dreis, owner and hairstylist created 1920′s hair styles. Jennilee Cardinal-Schultz of Vamp Make-up finished their look up with the right Great Gatsby make-up. We met the clients at a different location where Chelsey Gruza, stylist and assistant, found the right pieces for their outfits and I photographed them! We had a lot of variety that day with outfits, different styles and different body types. Each girl rocked their boudoir session and looked phenomenal. We will definitely be holding another Great Gatsby Marathon in the future! For now, take a look at Arisha’s boudoir and glamour session. She was happy and so much fun to work with! Up for anything and owned all the outfits she brought. Arisha brought one outfit that was glamour and one outfit that was boudoir! A great idea for someone who wants the best of both worlds. Enjoy Arisha’s stunning gatsby photos!


For more information on boudoir session send Diane an e-mail at

Alicia {Lush Boudoir} Saskatoon Boudoir Photographer

Here is a preview of what to expect from our Great Gatsby Boudoir & Glamour Marathon happening on December 1st, limited spots available.


Make-up: Vamp Make-Up
Styling & Assistant: Chelsey Gruza
Client: Alicia